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Bowerman Bait Co.
Bowerman Bait Co specializes in high detail highly realistic hand airbrushed small batch crank baits with KVD triple grip treble hooks. We also offer soft plastic injection molded lures in a variety of common patterns and colors. We have over 30 body styles and can paint any pattern you like. Email us for special requests
Carlton Rods
Handcrafted fishing rods made in America by a US Veteran
Crankin' Custom Baits
Custom painted fishing lures
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Fly Patch Magnets
Clip-on or hook & loop magnets with a decorative patch! Clip on to your cap, vest, pack, belt, strap. Take a fly and throw it on to the magnet! It’ll stay till you need it! We can use embroidered patches or even leather. Order here or we can even do custom orders. See our Website for more info. We're also on Twitter and Facebook