Mar Tease Lures features hand made in America premium fishing tackle.

Serious tackle for serious Anglers & Collectors

All Lures & Jigs are airbrushed/needle painted and sealed in a 2 stage marine epoxy.

Any size, any style, any pattern, logo or colors ..

"You pick it & I'll stick it"

Feel free to message me with questions, comments or requests.

I can make your trophy lure the way you want it.

I have several of Marty macs custom lures and the detail is phenomenal. Some of them look just so damn good I'm afraid to put them in the water as I may lose them. He has never let me down he has made everything I have asked to perfection he is not only a great artist but he is also a great person. Check him out I promise you will not be disappointed.
If your looking to add that edge to your fishing, stop buying the same tackle from the same shop as everyone else. Fish have seen those lures already. Add that exact color that exact combo and be different, since I’ve been adding my custom touch to my lures my average tournament bites have doubled. Marty gives me one on one service for all my tackle needs.
Marty is a master of fine craftsmanship. This guy can take ordinary to extraordinary. His work can be customized colors to exactly lifelike lures. This man will always be the man I go to for custom painted lures he's that good
I have numerous lures from Marty, everyone has been great craftsmanship and quality. Most of mine are custom. They catch fish and other anglers attention. Great people to do business with.
A great addition to your store. Marty will take care of any challenge asked of him. If you get hold of one of his lures you will not regret it. You will go back for more. Marty KNOWS lures. Go sign up now.